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Maggie Jooste

Administration Manager

John Bieske

Minute Secretary

Chris Whyte


Norm Lyons

Board Member

60 years of operation with over 329 awards presented to talented young Australians. Award winners have worked in numerous overseas countries including, U.K., Germany, France, Belgium, South Africa, Spain, Canada, United States, Switzerland, France, Italy and Asia.

Recipients have made a major contribution to the success of business and industry on their return to Australia by forming their own companies, securing senior and executive management roles and lecturing and teaching.

Recipient trades: Electrical, Automotive Trades, Engineering, Building, Watchmaking and Jewellery, Plumbing, Printing, Horticulture, Aircraft Mechanics, Welding, Dental Mechanics, Hospitality, Fashion, Hairdressing, Furniture, Boatbuilding.


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