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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monetary value of the Award?

An exact monetary value cannot be applied to awards, as the cost varies according to the industry, time of travel, country visited and so each award is tailored to suit individual need. However, main costs covered include- return air fares, visas, freight of tools, settling in allowance and support with study and prerequisite training costs such as OH&S certification.

In which countries can I work?

Your choice, however for some countries such as America, it may be very difficult to obtain Work Visas. Your choice of the appropriate countries according to your trade or industry will be supported. Whilst employed overseas, the award winner is entitled to the salary and wages applicable to the work obtained. This is the obligation of your employer, not the AOF.

What is duration of the scholarship?

1-2 years after which you are required to return to Australia and pass on your experiences to your sponsor and industry.

Can I travel to other countries during my work placement overseas?

We recommend that you travel and gain a variety of cultural experiences while you are overseas.

Does the AOF organise my overseas employment?

The AOF will endeavour to provide you with contacts overseas where possible. You will be encouraged to research and obtain a suitable position yourself as part of the learning experience. We will support and assist you to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

If successful, how long does it normally take before I travel overseas to undertake my work placement?

Typically 6 – 12 months as a great deal of preparation is needed to put all necessary arrangements in place.

How long after I apply before I know the result?

All candidates applications are reviewed within two weeks of the closing date and the best are shortlisted for interview. All candidates are notified at that time. Interviews are arranged ASAP following but can take up to two weeks to allow for interstate travel. Successful applicants are notified within one week from interview.


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