What keeps AOF going

Our Goals

Why are we here? The AOF exists because we strongly believe that supporting the personal development of outstanding young people will help our country to thrive. Australian industry can see the long term benefits of young people working overseas, honing their skills and obtaining state-of-the-art trade experience to keep Australia at the forefront of technical innovation and know-how.

The AOF’s goal is to identify outstanding young vocationally-trained Australians, and through its awards, help develop their leadership skills, and increase their knowledge and experience that is subsequently reinvested in Australian industry on their return.

More about us:


Seek excellence

To attract award applicants who are outstanding in their fields of endeavour.



To develop the organisation to ensure that it is financially strong and appropriately resourced.


Build capacity

To provide a unique opportunity for excellence, achievement, personal development and cultural experiences for award winners.


Relationships development

To build effective relationships with key organisations involved in apprenticeship and vocational training.


A special thank you

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