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    9./ Applicant’s Certification

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    1. All information supplied in this application is to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.
    2. If successful with my application, I will complete at least 12 months overseas employment and return to Australia on completion of the period.
    3. I will undertake the program approved by the Australian Overseas Foundation and will make no change in employment without the consent of the Foundation.
    4. I will submit quarterly reports plus a full report covering the total time overseas upon my return to Australia.
    5. I will maintain a high level of interest, achievement, and professional behaviour during my time overseas.
    6. Should my partner or my dependants accompany me overseas, I will be responsible for the cost of their fares and expenses.
    7. I am prepared to undertake a contract with the Australian Overseas Foundation, should I be successful in being receiving an award.
    8. Should I be successful in receiving an AOF Award, I agree to become an AOF ambassador from the date of the award and for 2 years upon my return to Australia. This may involve speaking and presenting at various functions such as Rotary, TAFE college award nights, the press, AOF presentation of awards ceremony or similar functions.
    I have read and accept the Privacy Statement included in Information provided about AOF Award.