Morgan Clementson – Baker – International Technical Advisor

Morgan Clementson – Baker – International Technical Advisor

  • Occupation: Baker – International Technical Advisor
  • Country of work: Belgium
  • Scholarship provided by: Australian Government

Morgan was a 2010 recipient who travelled to Belguim to develop her skills in the Specialist Bakery Industry.

Morgan has excelled in all areas of baking being promoted to International Technical Advisor for Puratos in Brussels, Belgium. As a Technical Advisor, Morgan flies to many of the 120 countries providing demonstrations with the Puratos Organisation. Her clients are both internal and external distributers and customers.

Morgan is also responsible for creating recipies for photo shoots, and new product launches, for the research and development arm of the organisation. Working for the Centre of Bread Flavour in St Vith, Belguim, she receives customers from all over the world. They come to the Centre to create new breads and sourdoughs.

She has recently travelled to over 30 countries including China, Lebanon, Paris, USA, the Middle East and India where she has been able to experience new cultures and varieties of food.

Another achievement is that she is creating a new recipie book for a new product mix to make bread from Italy. Using a new computer generator, she has learnt new skills for food pairing, allowing her to create new taste combinations and sandwich combinations.

Morgan has attended trade fairs such as IBA in Munich, Europain in Paris, EGAST in Strasbourg, where she is able to establish links with professional around the world. She also has access to Puratos University where she is able to advance her career through study.

Morgan is loving her time learning new skills and developing her career in some of the most advanced countries in baking and is a wonderful ambassador for Australia, the Australian Government and the Australian Overseas Foundation. Well done Morgan!

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